Bentley Continental GT

If you are in the market for a big GT car they don’t come more luxurious than a Bentley Continental GT. Containing all the refinement of an S class Mercedes and all the dynamic handling of a Porsche 911 the big Bentley is in many ways the best of both worlds. The comfort on offer means cross continental journeys can be done effortlessly while the driver remains engaged throughout. The car is no slouch with 0-60 taking just 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 207mph. All of this done in a cockpit that is the last word in luxury, dripping with bull hide polished metal and deep pile carpeting.

The great attraction of the Continental GT is its ability to provide performance that would worry a Ferrari alongside Rolls Royce style luxury and in this regard the Continental GT doesn’t disappoint. This is a truly driver centred car intended to bring the joy of driving a luxury coupe to everyone who purchases one.

The W12 engine in the Continental GT produces 626bhp and all of that power is delivered in the smoothest of possible styles. Driving it reveals its hidden gift to the motorist. It is a big heavy car yet it manages to hide its weight in the corners. Now it is an athletic car that will maintain its speed across country with ease.

Overall the new Continental GT provides an all-round package of luxury and speed. It is an almost perfect drivers car with exceptional levels of comfort allied to a dynamic driving style. With room in the boot for a set of golf clubs it is the perfect car for a long journey. Prices start at £159,100 but there is a huge amount of customisation available to bring that price up. Still that money buys you a lot of luxury.