Expensive Men's Watches

Men always sport minimal accessories, and a watch is one of the bare essentials. Each design displays one’s personal style statement whether it’s a business, sport, or casual look. At the same time, wearing a watch is just as important as knowing how it works. And behind that timepiece lies tiny gears and mechanics that power it.

In essence, there are two main watch movements – quartz and mechanical – which are powered differently. You can easily spot the difference between the two by observing the movement of the ‘seconds’ hand – it moves with individual ticks in a quartz watch while it moves in a sweeping motion in a mechanical one. This is because their mechanics are different. Here’s a summary:

Quartz. Its quartz crystal is powered by the battery which sends an electrical charge that makes the crystal vibrate intensely. This results in tiny electrical pulses which are then sent through the integrated circuits to the stepping motor. Here’s how the watch’s hand advance: in every 32,768th pulse counted by the stepping motor, it sends a single pulse to the dial train.

Mechanical. Its mainspring stores energy through tightening its crown by turning. When it unwinds, it transfers its energy to the gear train. The amount of energy released is regulated by the escapement. This is used by the balance wheel for a constant back-and-forth rate. The hand moves when energy is transferred to the dial train at the end of each beat.

Beyond these mechanisms, there are true elite horological that exudes a timeless style. These timepieces are globally recognized for its premium design and timekeeping ability that doesn’t age despite the latest trends. Their value increases over time and they convey a fundamental masculine style. In this article, we have compiled the 10 most expensive designer watches for men this 2020.