Lord and Berry Boutique Beauty from Milan

Founded in 1992 and at its heart a fashion makeup line that is front line at a wide array of designer shows, this company has gone from a niche and somewhat boutique brand to a powerhouse of cosmetics seen in Milan, London and Paris fashion weeks creating the looks that begin by gracing the catwalks to then become a part of the high street.

A three-part set-up, eyes, lips and face, the range has taken a smart approach to the artistry with the Lab being at the heart of the process. 

Clean, concise and ultimately black and white in their advertising, Lord and Berry is the epitome of Milan chic and a fashion week legend.  Designed to support women and give an elegance to your makeup routine they are utilitarian and easily fit the needs of men who want or need the fashion credentials without the blatancy of packaging.

Although a fashion week-based brand there is still something about the line that speaks to the public and the association to couture helps, its understandable when you look at the range itself and dissect it with a consumer (or prosumer eye). 

On the neutral side they have the foundation, concealer and powders are widely used across genders with the classic (simple) black packaging with white writing and a decent selection of colours you can easily pick up something to suit your needs and the colourless collection offers again, something for everyone with tried and tested products that are designed simply to work and do their job, a refreshing approach to makeup given the steps and tricks out there thanks to social media this feels like a breath of fresh air in comparison. 

With the collections they are staying in the realms of fashion and the classic structure that the brand is known for with the black wardrobe there is a sense of cohesion from the mascaras to the shadows, the key element is black, a major player in the world of fashion it conveys a sense of power and being in the know to what works, effectively giving makeup its own version of the little black dress, creating a staple of the cosmetic wardrobe. 

Refreshingly the Lord and Berry team are taking the looks of fashion week and offering them straight to the consumer without the need to water down the look, giving a sense of chic that is straight from the runway to your makeup bag effectively empowering the supermodel within.

Talking credentials it is hard not to talk about fashion week where they support elite designers and are able to test new products such as the cream blush or the new skin control blurring primer which offers a multifaceted approach to clean fresh skin with a neutral colour base that sits well on all skin tones and textures a clever and universal approach to makeup that opens the brand to a wider range of people. 

Standing tall in the cosmetics market with their catwalk tested, professionally driven, beautifully curated range, Lord and Berry has given makeup for fashion and fashionistas a whole new look that while aimed at women’s empowerment is a crossover brand that can be tailored to the needs of male grooming without losing site of their roots and heritage as a beauty line. 

To learn more about the Lord and Berry Atelier cosmetics line see:

The Lord and Berry UK website.  

By James Clark