Most Expensive Wine

How much money would you spend on a bottle of wine? Most would probably keep that figure in the double-digits, perhaps inching into the low triple-digits?

For a select few, wine budgets are much, much larger. Purchased at auction, through specialty stores, or even paid out by insurance companies, these five bottles (plus one honourable mention) are some of the most expensive wines ever sold.

CHÂTEAU CHEVAL BLANC 1947 costs $304,375 a bottle!

The record for the most expensive single bottle of wine ever sold goes to an imperial-sized bottle (equivalent to 6 litres) of 1947 Cheval Blanc. Despite being a very hot vintage, it is considered by many to be the finest wine of the century. This famed Saint-Émilion wine was purchased in 2010 by a private collector at a Christie’s auction in Geneva for 192,00 British pounds.

Price per glass: $7609!