OVO x Air Jordan

Buying sneakers is a thing most of us enjoy. However, as soon as you buy one pair, you can’t help but immediately start looking for the next one that would complement your shoe rack. The only bad thing about buying sneakers is usually the price, which sometimes makes us take extreme measures in order to save up the money. There is one rare species of sneaker – the inhumanly expensive one. When you bump into this type of sneaker, you immediately put it back onto the store shelf and pretend you’ve never seen it in your life.

You probably wouldn’t be able to do much walking in these 24 carat solid gold sneakers, made by Jordan and OVO. So who is the owner of these one-of-a-kind sneakers? Drake himself. Although no official price was released, according to a study that considered the price of gold in 2016 and the amount necessary to create these sneakers, the shoes are estimated to be worth an incredible $2000,000.