Wine Investments?

Best wines to invest in 2020 & 2021? Well…fine art, classic cars, handmade watches, and chronographs, especially of Swiss origin – these are the things that most likely come to mind when you think about buying prestige items at auction, and with just cause. These are truly wonderful creations that can command incredibly high sale prices and transform your investment portfolio. But there is one investment alternative that is almost criminally overlooked, and that is fine wine. In fact, the best wines to invest in 2020 & 2021 may bring you a much better ROI margin than many more volatile luxury assets.

Oft sorted into the ‘alternative’ category when it comes to investing in desirable objects, along with rare coins, stamps, and other curiosities, wine has recently become increasingly popular for collectors and investors. In fact, 2018 saw the record for the most expensive single bottle of wine being broken 5 times.

Pol Roger is a notable producer of champagne, producing at least 110,000 cases annually.  Dating all the way back to the 1860’s, Great Britain has always been the premier export market for Champagne Pol Roger.

In a statement he said, “We think that California is the next big thing in terms of fine wine and the exchange rate is good and the UK wine trade is looking for something posh to sell, and we’re not excited about Australia, South America or South Africa.